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Ironman Canada Promo

Ironman Canada Prep Mobility Package

We want to help you get to the start line in the best possible shape & injury free

Package Includes:

- Complimentary Clinical Assessment & Movement screen to pinpoint trouble areas

- 3 x 45 minute Pre-event Massage Therapy Treatments targeting any trouble areas or simply for maintenance

- 1 x 45 Minute Post Race Recovery Treatment

- Professional Designed Mobility & Corrective Exercise Program

- Treatments can be covered by Medical Benefits



Charged per visit not in total

Comment "Ironman Canada" when you're booking online, Proof of registration must be present at Inital Visit, thankyou for understanding.


The opinions expressed in these videos and website are strictly my own, and should not be construed as the opinion of a Doctor or Physical Therapist. I am a Registered Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer with a focus in corrective exercise, movement and postural correction and do not claim to be a Doctor or Physical Therapist. This is strictly my opinion from experience and research and I am in no way an author or writer, so please excuse the grammar and punctuation. If you have feedback, feel free to comment. 



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