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Hey everyone,

I have some big news to share: a few weeks ago I was approached by a clinic here in town and was asked to work with a company that allows me to pursue some career goals.

So without any further adieu, I have accepted the position of Registered Massage Therapist with Sage Sports Institute at the Tournament Capital Centre (TCC).

My position at Sage does not take away from my practice with general clientele, and all my clients will still receive the quality service and treatment you have come to expect from me.

Accepting this position gives my clients some amazing benefits. For the last couple of years I have been referring to the Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapist, and Chiropractors at Sage and now we will all be under one roof to provide the best possible service and outcomes for anything our clients throw at us, from minor aches and pains to traumatic injury. We also work very closely with a Sports Medicine Doctor and Orthopaedic Surgeon.

It may not seem like a major benefit to some but I have received some complaints in regards to parking at the clinic downtown and now that will not be an issue as Sage has reserved free parking in front of the clinic, so no more fighting for parking spots. And as we are located in upper sahali dealing with the downtown traffic will no longer be an issue.

Sage is currently working on a website and will be offering online scheduling but for now you can book online through my business website at:

I want to give you a gift for being such an amazing client, for all the support I have received and the patience you have shown while I have moved around trying to find the right fit for me.

I am offering a coffee gift card to every existing client who books in from September 19-30th, just as a thank you, for being so great! I am also giving away extra gift cards for anyone who refers a friend who you think could benefit from a massage therapy treatment.

You can either book online at:

or call Sage Sport Institute at:

1 250 314 5000

So we have some not so good news, the tax man is telling me that Move Recovery & Performance now has to charge an additional 5% GST to our regular fees. I know its not cool but it is a necessary evil unfortunately.

Thank you for understanding.

So I look forward to continuing to work with you as I begin this new challenge and I hope that if there are any concerns or questions you have about this, you know I will do my best to address them.

See you soon!

Chris Elliot RMT CES

Move Recovery & Performance / Sage Sport Institute

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The opinions expressed in these videos and website are strictly my own, and should not be construed as the opinion of a Doctor or Physical Therapist. I am a Registered Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer with a focus in corrective exercise, movement and postural correction and do not claim to be a Doctor or Physical Therapist. This is strictly my opinion from experience and research and I am in no way an author or writer, so please excuse the grammar and punctuation. If you have feedback, feel free to comment. 



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