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I had a boating accident on August 24th, 2014 that resulted in ankle surgery with screws and metal. I was refered to Chris for massapy therapy from my kinesiologist. I found that he was extremely felxible if I could not come to the office he would come to my home. No small feet when his office was in Vernon at the time and I was living in Kamloops. His therapeutic technique was awesome, he is very knowledgable in what he does and was understanding of the pain I was going through. I beleive he was an integral part of the care plan that was developed to get me back to work as quickly as possible. I can't say enough about his work ethic and would highly recommend him. 


           Kevin A 2015

I first met Chris at Snap Fitness, he started as my strength coach and now I see him as my Registered Massage Therapist. Every visit I have had with Chris has been amazing, he is very in depth with his treatments and communicates very well with what he is working on, so you always feel comfotrtable. I have been experiencing some pain and discomfort in my shoulder and he is very good at explaining and showing corrective exercises to do at home that have helped me get back to 100%.


         Chera R 2015

Chris has helped me so much over the past year with corrective exercise techniques, positive attitude and unique approach. He used different methods of training and corrective exercise to get all my muscles moving and growing stronger day by day. With his knowledge Chris has in corrective exercises he taught me how to do every activity and exercise the right way. By giving me the knowledge on how to do every position properly, i noticed results faster. This is truly why Chris is such a talent at what he does. He gives you the tools and information you need to become a stronger you. 


         Danika S 2014

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